PC Support Scammers – widening the business model by ripping off more people

I’m pretty much a support guy. I say this with the knowledge that something I build will either require maintenance to continue operating effectively or that it will break. So I like to ensure that what I do build is supportable. I take great pride in working with people who are also able to fix gnarly. hideous problems. Nothing worse for a client to loose their production systems, whereby their business starts to loose money. Huge headaches for them. One of the reason proper fixers get paid well is because we tackle the problem with a number of tools and most importantly our own knowledge and skills, gained over many years of dealing with the unexpected.

What about the home user? I certainly do not expect home users to have the same use and view on computing resources as an enterprise does. I also do not expect a home user to take on people like me or my colleagues to fix their home PC. However I do expect that when they do have a problem they can turn to someone who is professional, capable and not a rip off artist.

However when a company contacts a home user “proactively” to report an issue, that raises my ire. Most of us in ICT are aware of this scam, where a company cold calls a telephone number and scams the person on the other end by creating concerns regarding their home computer. Until recently it has usually been people with Windows machines. Well now we can include Apple Macs on the list. The scammers are growing. This nothing more than out right fraud.

Note – this is not pro or anti Apple, what it is is anti-scammers, who I hate as much as spammers.

The erstwhile Register has the full story here.


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