What is the single most important KPI in ICT?

For me its all about the availability of data based on the needs of the business.

If you are offering ICT services (internal or external) you will always encounter (or rather you should encounter these words!) – Service Level Agreement (SLA).

SLA’s are all about setting a level of expectation between a service provider and a customer. Yes…your service desk, your engineers, your developers are all service providers towards the customer (business). All work towards the delivery of a solution within a certain time frame, if you go outside of that time frame there are usually some forms of penalty.

What does this have to do with the single most important KPI (key performance indicator)? Well from my perspective data is essentially the business. Sure you can manufacture something and sell it, but to build something you need the data first. Be it the plans or even the code running the robots or the work instructions for those who work on the assembly line. Data drives everything in a business.

What happens if that data is not available? What impact on the business? Certainly some data is more critical to a business than other data but all data serves some role in the business, yes even the list of customers birthdays. So when looking at designing services the primary question should be focused around how the business views its data and how it uses data. Taking that knowledge gives you an idea of what kind of availability should be built around your ICT services.


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